Best Birthday Card Ever

Okay, a little hyperbole, but I recently received a birthday card generated by a computer that I imagine is sitting in quiet corner of a whitewashed distillery near an open window on the southern shores of Islay looking out at the coast of Ireland on a clear day. Instead, it might be in basement in Deerfield, Illinois for all I know, but that isn’t anywhere near as romantic/nostalgic.  This computer is treated to the sounds of the waves, the smells of the mash and it might even steal from the angels.

The card was from Laphroig reminding me of the small part of Scotland that Laphroig holds in my name.  It also reminded me of the tour Jenny provided across the hills and bogs.

As this new year and semester starts, and I gear up for “Whiskey: Science & History” again with another group of amazing TCU students, my mind will return to these places in the few slow moments I am treated to.

May this new year bring you similar joys and virtual holidays.  May it also bring the opportunity for real adventures.  Here’s to hoping we bump into each other in the Orkneys in May!