So, you've found it!  We can't go very far without someone sharing a whiskey story with us.  These stories are a collective history that further cements the fact that whiskey is truly the iconic drink of this country.  The stories are organized by date shared and when we figure out WordPress, we'll do a better job.  If you'd like to share a story, send it along and indicate whether or not you would like it attributed.


Whiskey and the Migration to Texas

Three brothers.  Pious men.  Family men.  Residents of the great state of Kentucky.  All enjoyed wetting their whistles with white dog in and around 1926, the heart of prohibition.  Despite their good character, this penchant did not sit well with the local authorities.  So, with warrants issued on two, all three moved to the great state of Texas settling near the metroplex.  Each had a family numbering more than 10.  It remains unclear as to whether the move to Texas changed their palates. (Dec 16, 2016)

Moonshining in Saudi Arabia

A caller to Krys Boyd's "Think" shared his story of creating moonshine in the American oil camps of Saudi Arabia by floating baker's yeast on a cracker in sugar water and then distilling the resulting product to yield a drink similar to vodka.  We hope to hear more soon!  (Dec 20, 2016)