Science, education, whiskey...let's throw in travel.  Here's our list of "thank y'all"s for great hospitality.  Take it as a recommendation from us if your boots get to walking.

Where is our home-away-from-home in Speyside?

It's the Garth Hotel in Grantown-on-Spey.  With a great staff, affordable rooms, Spud the bagpiper who can play "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and delicious haggis, this is Eric's go-to hotel.

Who gives the best whiskey tours?

Well, any day at a distillery is a great day in our opinion.  Of the longer tours that Eric has taken, Laphroig's "Water to Whiskey Experience" is about the best 4.5 h you can spend.  The Glenfiddich's "Pioneer's tour" is stiff competition.  It is another top half-day experience.  Their "Solera tour" is also terrific.

What must-do is often forgotten on whiskey tours?

Easy.  A cooperage.  Whether it is Speyside Cooperage in Dufftown, Scotland or Independent Stave in Lebanon, Kentucky, make sure that there is a cooperage on your list of places to visit.