Who is next?

Holler, and we'll work something out!  E.Simanek at TCU dot EDU.

What's Next?

March 7th, Tuesday 7-8:  World-of-Beer hosts FWMSH for "Public Knowledge".  I'll be talking Bourbon.  Thanks too go out to TCU's SciCom for donating copies of our book.

Walkabout in 2016

November 2016

Rahr Brewery:  There's never a bad time to visit Rahr, but the best time is when they are pouring bourbon barrel aged beer!

FWMSH:  A big thanks for the invitation to participate in "Science on Tap"!

TCU Extended Ed & SilverFrogs

Want to learn more?  Check out TCU's Extended Ed offerings. In the Spring of 2017, the four week course focuses on Scotch.



We love getting feedback on the book unless it is really ugly and unfounded.  Ugly is okay.  Unfounded is okay.  We just can't take both. Fortunately, folks have been pretty receptive.  A shout out to the grand city of Galveston whose local paper offered the first review of the book.

And if you are looking to buy the book...

This book would not have been possible if it were not for a small university press, TCU Press, to have embraced the idea.  Consider buying the book from the TCU Press on campus or the consortium centered at Texas A&M Press (TAMUpress.com) to support future efforts.  Or, consider your local bookseller like "The Last Word" here in Fort Worth or visiting F&R Distillery to pick up a copy.